She Looked Like She Was Pregnant With 30 Babies, Then Vet Shows Mom X-Ray

Unusual Day

It was an unusual day for the vet conducting an ultrasound on this female dog that visited her clinic. She moved the wand around gently, trying to make out what she was seeing on screen but couldn’t make a definitive conclusion. In fact, she was also confused about the results. She repeated the procedure several times to make sure she wasn’t just imagining things.


But there it was — and what she was viewing on the screen did not change at all. In her many years of practice as a veterinarian, this was her first time experiencing anything like this. It was a curious thing on the screen and she wanted to explore more, but something also tells her that time is crucial and that she must act fast to ensure the dog was safe. 

The Important Choice

When Mariesa and Chris finally decided they would adopt a pet, they decided that having a dog would be best. They went to a number of dog shelters in the area in the hope of finding that one canine that would capture their hearts. The agreement was that they would choose just one dog this time because they already have several rescues at home. However, choosing among the many pets that needed their love and attention proved to be difficult.


When they chanced upon this mother in one part of the kennel, all with her innocent look and almost pleading eyes, they fell in love immediately. 

Belly of Puppies

It was fate that led the couple to this particular dog, who upon seeing them immediately approached and started to lick their hands. She was pregnant and Mariesa could see that it was this pet that needed the most care among the others. Because she had unborn pups in her belly, it was only right that she give birth in a loving place where she and her babies would be properly cared for.


Right then and there, they decided that this brown, pregnant pit bull was the one. But the story doesn’t end there just yet, as what they found out later made them rethink their decision to adopt.

Bred and Then Abandoned

Pit bulls are known to be fierce and tough, but the story of this pregnant canine was far from this idea of strength. Storie, what Mariesa named her, had a sad past.


She was bred by somebody who had a backyard dog business, but when the owners found that it was expensive to take care of pets, they left the animals at the nearest shelter, instead.

In Need of Love

Storie needed more love than ever, especially with her condition. There was no way that Chris and Mariesa would leave her at the shelter like that and vowed to make things right for their new family member.


It was hard enough that she was carrying pups in her belly and a shelter definitely was not the right place for her to give birth, much more raise her babies. However, that was not only problem with Storie. As it turns out, her condition was much more complicated.