How to Manage Money Better Than a Banker

Focus, understanding, and diligence, the “fund” is the key to money management. The “fund” is my acronym for “focus, understanding, and diligence”. Without the “fund”, no one can even get out of bed properly in the morning, and that is the “fund” at the most basic level. Logically, I say this because I operate as a business in everything I do, with focus, understanding, and diligence. If you don’t operate consistently, not really consistently, but consistently as a business in the key areas of your life, you will fail and fail deeply. This is also the point of this article because indeed, money and value are microcosmic representations of how we manage all of our energies, let alone our entire lives.

Think about it, the way a person handles money is a representation of how they truly handle their life. Whether it’s mystical or realistic, it’s found in all money management. Not only that, it is also what makes money the key to success or the trap to failure when used in a negative sense. How can it be used in a negative sense? Obsessions, fears, mystical games played on oneself by oneself. These are just a few of the countless ways that “fund” can be used in a negative sense. But there is only one positive way to use the fund, and that is to create and control value for yourself and everything around you.

Think about it once, the “fund” starts with focus, and it is summed up in a very old saying by a great poet named Anonymous: “Where your focus flows, energy flows”. The rest of the “fund” comes after the focus is defined. For, investing incredibly in yourself and benefiting yourself first is the ultimate creation and use of the “fund” to understand and be diligent in the ultimate sense. I am not saying to be irrationally selfish or destructively greedy. But, I am saying that the way you treat yourself is the conscious and unconscious representation of the way you sincerely regard all others. The same goes for how you invest your money, and all the representations you have of your money.

So again, focus, understanding, and diligence are what it all comes down to. If that wasn’t the case, then life would be mystical, easy, determined by the panoply and not by itself, and communism and any other inaccurate ideology would work like a charm, where you didn’t really have to think for yourself or benefit yourself first. I know this sounds crude and somewhat “ridiculous”. But I am only mentioning the full reality of all situations in this article, without any judgment or prejudice. In short, I only mention what matters and leave out what doesn’t. Value counts, what is not valuable. Consider this, and do what you need to do with my money and life advice. Manage well, and use the “fund”.